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There are a variety of reasons why organisations need to make changes, be it a new corporate strategic development, an emergent programme or compliance requirement. Any programme that requires people to work in a different way as a result of the transformation or transition of services or the utilisation of new digital solutions, needs a structured and organised approach which must include thorough attention to the new processes, stakeholder involvement and benefit realisation. 
Ensuring business change methodology is part of any programme of activity ensures the right focus on the whole change that needs to take place, not just the technical, digital, legal or operational change.


We design the business change approach, facilitate all the sessions and deliver to the agreed plan. Every business change plan is tailored to suit the specific needs of your individual change requirements. We have tried and tested methodologies embedded in three defined workstreams:  process change, strategy and benefits, stakeholder and communication, to enable projects to have clear change planning, to remain focused on the delivery of all the benefits, and have full engagement of stakeholders and bring them on the overall change journey.

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This element of the approach ensures that the scope and scale of the business changes are identified at the project initiation phase and follow throughout the project lifecycle, delivering clear process maps of both the current and future state and a change plan that identifies in detail the actions that are necessary for the change to take place. The facilitation of this work is important to make sure that the stakeholders are fully integral to the design of the new working processes and service delivery.


This aspect ensures that benefits are planned and are a driving force to the project.  The organisation needs to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and a strategy on how they are going to get there.  The project must be benefit lead, commencing with benefit identification, through to base-lining activity and finally tracking the benefits delivered. The process for completing this is ordered and structured and utilises tracking tools to support the ongoing focus on benefit realisation.


This component ensures that a thorough analysis of all stakeholders takes place and the current understanding and perception of the change is understood. Following this a clear and effective communication plan is then designed and subsequently delivered. Communications will be delivered in a variety of ways, using different methods and channels to ensure stakeholder understanding, acceptance, appropriate involvement and ultimately ensuring that they are ready and prepared for the change.


The key activities required for a full business change have many tasks sitting within and require a broad range of skills and tools to ensure that it can be delivered in a professional manner. For example; to achieve a future state design and detailed change plan requires the facilitator to:

  • plan activities and workshops in alignment with the time frame of the wider project

  • engage stakeholders and inspire them to contribute to a new design

  • have exceptional attention to detail and produce high quality documentation, process maps and reports

  • have excellent communication skills and be able to present in clear verbal and written formats

  • maintain delivery within the timescales and governance of the wider programme

  • ensure all service changes are considered, well tested and achievable


We have the flexibility to respond to your specific needs and can design and deliver the entirety of the business change plan or simply facilitate smaller elements of a programme and its individual aspects. We have the core competencies to achieve a high standard professional design and delivery. Please see the link below for a number of case studies that give some examples of the previous change programmes we have worked on and have delivered to a high quality and achieved success.

For further information and to discuss how we can help you please find our details below. 

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