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Making your goals compelling

A goal needs to be more than SMART, it needs to be captivating and inspiring!

Your goals need to appeal on every level to you, so that psychologically and emotionally they are robust enough to remain in place even through the day to day normal activities and requirements you face. During times of continuous change and when it might be easier to focus on the reason for needing the goals, than the positive outcome itself.

Making change might require you to do some learning, research or seek other expert advice (i.e. money management, marital guidance, personal trainer etc.) that will benefit you as part of the actions you need to take as part of your broader goals. Starting with this activity, will help you to identify if additional outside support may be required.  But first, get clear on what you want.


Whatever you want to improve, you may first need to understand what you are not happy about, what isn't working, are there any triggers, what are the patterns. Through the 'know me' tasks and especially through your journaling, you should be getting clearer and more aware of the issues and what you need to change for an improvement to happen.

What will really benefit you now, when you are thinking about what improvement in this area will mean to you, is to find something that will pull you to a whole new optimism.  To make improvements you will need good reasons for why you want to make this change.  What reason will be strong enough to keep you motivated to push you through anything that lies ahead and really allow you and supports you to make this progress.

You need to make this change part of your everyday thinking, breathing and believing. This needs to be compelling to a point where your focus is on the outcome, the improvement you want to make, so that you own it, you want it and you believe it.  Making this change for yourself now is 100% a fantastic option for you and you know it is time and you are ready. This change needs to be part of you from this moment forward.

Are you ready to get clear, to find the really good reasons and to start to feel how good this change will feel? You are capable of raising your standards, you do deserve the best and you do deserve to achieve the change you want. Don't waste another minute putting up with substandard experience.  Take your reins back on your life and go for it. The following ten steps will enable you to succeed.  Go for it!!!

The steps that you need to follow are split over 4 different sessions. This is to give you some space in between to think about your goals and add the detail that is required.

Do each session in your own time. All of the detail you add will be recorded and accessible in ‘my journey’ page.


Think big and go for it!