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Goal Setting - Session 2

Step 5 - Is the achievement of the goal within control?


Do the goals you have stated involve others or are dependent upon the behaviours of others? Consider this and if so plan how you can reduce, minimise or take away the need for anothers involvement, so you have as much chance possible to be in control of your goals.

Additional Guidance

When setting the outcome or goal make sure it is stated in a way that will allow most of the control to sit with you. 

Where there may be others linked to your goals, you need to minimise this as much as possible. 

Taking full control of your own goal gives you the utmost chance of making sure it is achieved.

Step 6 - What is the cost of achieving your goals


Consider if there are any costs involved in achieving your goal and if so consider options for minimising the costs to ensure that the benefit is greater. This will help you keep you goal focused and for you to be fully aware of what you are willing to pay or accommodate as a result.

Additional Guidance

For every action there is always a potential that there is an impact on other things. 


Will achieving this goal mean you have to stop doing something else? 

For example, leaving your current employment to set up your own business might be your main goal. But in doing so this will mean you spending a lot of time working on your own. If working in a team is something you value you would need to consider if this cost outweighs the benefit of being self-employed. This does not mean you shouldn’t go for the goal, you jut need to consider ways to overcome this, so that the goal remains the key driver.

Step 7 - What benefit is there for you to stay where you currently are?


Consider why you have not already achieved this goal and state what benefits you need to consider loosing to be able to achieve your goal.


Question are you prepare to loose any benefits you might be currently gaining? Would the loss of the benefits out weigh the benefit of achieving your goal? If so, you may need to reflect further on the reason WHY you want this change until you are happy you can loose the benefits from your current situation.

Additional Guidance

What are you getting from staying where you are and not having your goal right now? 

Why might you want to continue as you are, without your goal?

Are you receiving some benefit from where you are now or is your current situation serving you in some way? 

An obvious example would be for those wanting to get loose weight and get fit would need to reduce the visits to the pizza/bakery/amount of sugar you intake. This currently is providing an element of pleasure and comfort, so to implement the change you need to be prepared to loose the benefits of the pizza/bakery/amount of sugar and time spent on the sofa and replace with the new health options to achieve your goal


What needs are being met by staying in the current state and are there any other ways in which your needs can be met in another way?