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Goal Setting - Session 3

Step 8 - Identify the first step


a) Plan the steps that are needed to move you towards your goal. Start with the first step, then what needs to follow. Plan the actions that need to happen, the timescales and as much detail as possible about what you need to do. 


b) Enter all of the detail and actions into your active calendar, this way you can make the plan and timescales real and this will help you to fully commit to making the actions happen.

Additional Guidance

Now it is time to look at the steps that need to take place to move you closer to your goal. 


A goal without a plan is a dream! A plan without a goal is a nightmare!

Step 9 - What is the impact of moving towards your goals


Consider what other areas of your life might be affected by achieving your goals and consider the impact. Are there any further thoughts and plans needed to make sure that the affects to other parts of your life will still make this goals achievable? 

Additional Guidance

Realistically it is unlikely that putting your new steps into action will not impact on current parts of your life. Being prepared for the changes and effect on normal patterns and other people that will potentially also affected will enhance the chance of the goal being achieved.

For example, if you are commencing a strict diet and health regime, but have a weekly outing with friends to eat pizza, your change (i.e. not going to the pizzeria) will impact the ‘normal’ social activity, what will the outcome of this be? How will you communicate to your friends that you will be changing your normal routine? 

You will need to consider making those around you aware of the changes you are making and the steps that are involved in your change as you might need their buy in and support.