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Goal Setting - Session 4

Step 10 - Write/draw tell the new story


Now it's time to start living as if it's already happening. You need to write/talk/draw the new story and act like you have already achieved your goals.

Additional Guidance

The unconscious brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined therefore, if you can use your imagination to see, hear, feel and if relevant taste and smell the achievement of your outcome, then you are already on your way to succeeding.

Act like you have it and you are more likely to get it!

  • Tell people – saying out loud and talking about your desires and goals helps you to enhance your commitment to them.

  • Make a picture – making a pictorial representation of our dreams and goals enables you to keep the goal in mind and visible. Use the picture that you make as a screen saver, put it over your desk or on the fridge so you see it several times a day.

  • Use your journal and write the story – using the actions detail you have already established and expanding it into more and more stories and extra detail makes the goal come to life and become more real.