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Reduce stress


This module provides you with tips and actions that you can carry out easily and will help to reduce stress no matter if it is from your workplace or within home or social environments.


Where, what and how is the stress being created? Understanding what makes the stress build is a good start to being able to seek solutions or alternative ways of manage it. 


What makes you stressed? Different things can make us stressed, these can be major life events, feeling overwhelmed or out of control, all the way through to the build up of smaller things that when brought together over a period of time can create a negative impact on the body and mind. The way in which stress affects us can differ from person to person, but if stress is an ongoing factor in your day to day life, it can take is toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. 


If you haven’t already done so, please complete ‘know me task 3  - know your stressors’ before using this module as you will get a greater understanding of what triggers you're stress and how it affects you personally. That task also activates your stress checklist, which is visible in your my journey, so that you can start to record where you are each day and as a result be able to see any changes over time.


This module will help you take hold of the things you can do now to reduce your stress. Even if the stressor, situation or life event is out of your control, there are things you can do to reduce your reaction to stress today.


Start by completing the questionnaire below. You will then receive suggestions tailored to your needs with actions to help you address your stress and find some relief and reduction in negative emotion.

I exercise regularly

I rarely work outside of office hours

I don't think about my daily tasks in my social time

I experience mostly positive emotions

I eat a healthy balanced diet

I have a nice balance of alone time & time with others

My thoughts are calm & gently

I feel empowered in all that I do

I have good peaceful sleep

I embrace life

I am always on time

I enjoy spending time with others

I take pride in my hygiene & appearance

I enjoy social time & have hobbies

I have good balance & manage to fit in everything I need to

I regularly feel happy

I enjoy natural juices, fruits & vegetables

I feel comfortable in my work/training environment

I manage my deadlines easily

I feel empowered to make good decisions

I enjoy being outside & spend regular time in the fresh air

I have good relationships with those around me

I balance all my tasks easily

I feel loved

My alcohol intake is average

I resolve any tension or issues easily

I have a good control over my diary

I express my love easily

I drink several glasses of water a day

I don't take any work home with me

I am active in writing weekly/daily lists of tasks & stick to them

I am confident

I have a clean & organised workspace

I have a good balance with my work, home & social life

My thoughts are mostly positive

I have an ordered & tidy home

I embrace change readily

The conversations I have are mostly positive/I tell positive stories

I play the main leading role in my life

I relax easily