This course is designed to offer a greater understanding of change and to introduce a range of practical change management tools which can be used to develop a change management development plan.

Our training courses are currently being delivered in a live, virtual, interactive format, in addition to onsite face-to-face training where appropriate. All of our training is delivered by experienced subject experts.

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Topics Covered

  • Understanding change management

  • Awareness of the core features

  • Clarity on process & documentation

  • Sharing good practice

Business Change Activities

  • What is change management

  • Introduce change management theory

  • Present organisations current approach & processes

  • Understand the role of the change manager in a change project

  • Explore examples & case studies of good practice

  • Understand, what else might need to change

  • Identify any areas that require further support

  • Explain high level importance of stakeholder engagement & benefit management 


Topics Covered

  • Awareness of all stakeholders within the project

  • Planning to get the best from the people

  • The importance of regular updates & engagement

  • Implementation of the plan

Business Change Activities

  • The importance & how to carry out stakeholder analysis and profiling

  • Working with all stakeholders to get buy-in & keep the project progressing

  • Facilitating the creation of the project communications plan

  • Draft a communication plan

  • How to create communications materials

  • Advise on all aspects of communications delivery

  • Approval to leverage existing communications channels

  • Deliver communication plan to engage with all stakeholders

  • Go-live readiness & communications


Topics Covered

  • Understand Visions & Outcomes

  • Benefits Identification

  • Set Target Benefits

  • Tracking & Management

Business Change Activities

  • Engagement process, the importance of setting out visions & outcomes

  • Facilitate identification of benefits, using metrics, business case & local needs

  • Running a benefit workshop to identify targets, baselines & benefits

  • How to agree Benefits Owners, Benefit Targets, Baseline Metrics

  • Facilitate the population of the benefits management tracker

  • How to ensure that benefit measurements are reviewed & tracked

  • How to review if all benefits have been achieved

  • Design & implement further changes where possible to optimise the solution

  • Review the project inline with the benefits & highlight a positive case study