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We need to make changes for a variety of reasons, whether a change is consciously planned or forced upon us, it can be overwhelming. We will provide you with a professional friend to help guide you through your change and keep you on track. Our personal development programmes are designed to help you with any change you might need to make.  Our approach is supportive and will inspire you to realise the increased benefits and resilience you will gain through making desired changes.

When we are being challenged or experiencing negative emotions, daily life can feel harder, our energy and health can deteriorate and thoughts become clouded. But with some support to help understand the problem, find options for improvement and plan realistic steps to move forward, making change and solving problems can be so much easier.


We have structured enjoyable programmes ready for you to access now.  We also design individual programmes of therapy for specific changes to help you make the improvements you want to make. 

All the programmes that we offer follow a change methodology made up of three main building blocks; know me, grow me, free me. Each section has a specific purpose to allow change to happen and is made up of activities and tasks that encourage positive introspection, thinking beyond current boundaries and making plans that are achievable.

Programmes include a mixture of techniques such as: hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a range of self reflective and discovery activities.

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Knowing yourself and being fully aware of your current situation is an important place to start with any change. Exploring your existing position will help you get clarity on what is making you feel tested, unhappy or unwell and will then give you a real chance to make change. Gaining clarity, will allow you to understand the change that needs to happen making it feel more manageable.


Once you are clear on where you want to grow and change, it is then possible to identify the steps that will create new positive actions, healthy habits and give you more control over your thoughts. Manageable steps will help you to break the old patterns and create new approaches, you will feel empowered as you start to see your change happening, knowing you are creating your own path.


Releasing the old and letting in the new is an essential part of the change process. Feeling supported and inspired to embrace your transformation, you can test and fine tune your new routines. Your self-esteem will be greatly improved and you will thrive knowing you have created your own positive reality. You will have the self-assurance to know what is right for you and the confidence to keep creating and growing yourself.


The way you can experience your programme is totally up to you, we offer individually tailored or group programmes.
Select the approach based on your personal preference



If you want a personal programme that will include one to one sessions tailored specifically to your needs, this is the right way forward for you. Your programme will include a range of therapeutic and empowering activities such as hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming. It can be delivered face to face, or via media conferencing over a series of sessions.

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If you enjoy being in a group setting, like meeting new people and learning from others, this is the right approach for you. The group programmes include both group and individually focused activities that are fun, introspective, creative and calming. We have a range of programmes that cover key life topic areas such as health & well-being, self-esteem and relationships.