• Eve

Becoming more conscious through using positive affirmations

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Do you know what a positive affirmation is?

Well, for those that don’t, they are a few words in a perfectly created pattern that if repeated and repeated can encourage your thoughts to focus on the optimistic things that you want in your life. So if I use as an example; ‘I love and approve of myself’ which was the first ever affirmation I used following reading the fantastic book; ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise L. Hay, who was the master of promoting positive affirmations, those six little words made a massive difference to me.

When I starting using affirmations, I had a lot of negative thoughts and fears and even just the first step of ‘trying’ to say them was so useful as it made me have to become more conscious about my thinking, instead of my thoughts running away with themselves and feeding the way I was thinking, I started to be more aware of my thinking, mood and the fact that I could control my thoughts.

Using ‘I love and approve of myself’ was also a way of me starting to think differently about myself. Did I actually love myself? Did I actually approve of myself? Just think how amazing you would feel if you got to a point where you could truly say and believe ‘I love and approve of myself’.

Positive affirmations really can influence and change the way we start to think about ourselves.

I meet so many people who have negative mind chatter, people who are just so used to

unconsciously focusing on the glass being half empty, that giving them a prompt and a reminder to at the least replace those thoughts with a positive affirmation, will just wake the brain up, encourage them to look and listen, to interrupt the normal pattern and eventually allowing this positive thought about themselves to become a normal everyday thought.

Now for those that do know what positive affirmations are, I just want to ask you, are you active in practicing them? How long did it take after setting out to say your affirmations for you to forget, only to realise a month later that a month had gone by and you haven’t used your affirmation? This is a very common experience, as normal life gets in the way. When we are trying to make changes, no matter how big or small, we have to remember that those around us and the life we normally lead will just be going on as usual, making a change means we have to be even more conscious of ourselves and others.

So, when I started using affirmations, because I was in such a desperate place, I was willing to try anything and so I set up little things that would trigger me to remember to say my affirmations, and its funny because even now when I walk up or down stairs outside, at train stations and in department stores, ‘I love and approve of myself’ starts repeating itself automatically in my thoughts. Also, to this day, when I find a feather ‘I love and approve of myself’. Triggers really work for me. And so, I was really keen to make the trigger even easier for you, now that you are ready to be more conscious about your thoughts.

As a result I have created with the help of my fantastic business partner a sweet little bracelet that you tie onto your wrist, prompting you every time you notice it that you can and happily will smile and repeat your positive affirmation. You can get these from our products page. Your positive affirmation is waiting for you!

When I started wearing the first bracelet just recently, which I created to address a little block that I was personally facing, I found the affirmation difficult to remember and repeating it was a bit clunky, but with the regular practice of repeating it every time I was reminded to by the glance at my bracelet, the affirmation now dances across my thoughts with ease and brings a sense of optimism and excitement. According to the ‘law of attraction’ being present in positive emotions gives me a greater chance of attracting the very thing that I am affirming!

So here we are, trigger, trigger trigger yourself into having more hold over your thoughts, being kind to yourself and taking the first step to creating new positive beliefs.