• Eve

Intuition...your most valuable asset... are you listening?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Do you know what your intuition sounds like, feels like, is like?

For those that are not familiar with that feeling, that guides you to make the right moves, take the right path, make the right steps, it is time to tap into it as it is your most useful and power tool in your toolkit; your intuition.

Becoming more aware of your intuition can be a wonderful way to move closer to your goals, achieve your dreams and allow each day to feel so much brighter.

Getting to a point of being able to hear/feel/sense your internal support and guidance can be a challenge if your thoughts are dominated and filled with everyday requirements, work demands, life’s issues and worries. Taking the time to tune in and find some space in your mind can be the last thing on your mind. But my challenge for all that have been drawn to read this blog is to please stop, dedicate some time, find some space and tune into yourself as the outcome for you could be life changing.

There are many ways to start the process, an easy suggestion would be to start meditating, take ten minutes a day to find some peace and quiet and sit with yourself, clear your mind and get in touch with your inner self. But, I am not sure that pure meditation is the most realistic suggestion to give to a busy person who, as the sheer nature of wanting to read something about tapping into yourself would suggest, might be a little step too far away from that being the first achievable action to becoming more intuitive. A more realistic suggestion would be to plan in some time that you can have for yourself, maybe ten, twenty minutes twice a week where you are able to have some time that will not be disturbed, where you can maybe start with doing something that you know relaxes you, a bath, a walk in the outdoors, listen to music. You could imagine as you enter this activity giving your brain ten/twenty minutes off, visually imagine putting a ‘back soon’ sign on the door or rolling down the shutters for a short while.

While engaged in this quiet space, imagine yourself being relaxed and calm, notice that you start to slow down a little, your energy softens and at the same time your body may even start to feel relaxed. Giving yourself this time on a regular basis and becoming more and more conscious of how your body feels, you can start to notice more about your thoughts and feelings. One of the things you might want to consider doing in your alone time is writing down how you feel, explain your emotions, record what your thoughts are doing and you will start to get closer to yourself and your own internal communication, which in turn helps you become more aware of what feels good, what feels not so good and how you can start to listen to the subtle signs from within.

Another stepping stone to achieving pure meditation is to use guided meditation; this can be a nice bridge to practicing meditation in its own right.

Guided meditation can be focused to your individual needs, for the purpose of this subject matter you could use a meditation that guides you through to achieving pure relaxation, becoming more aware of your intuitive thoughts and feelings, the benefits of which will help you to go from strength to strength. Just imagine being able to find a place of relaxation quickly, so that over time, you can take yourself there more easily and before you know it, you are actually more able to find that quiet place without needing to be guided. And then to move to the next step, when you are in that quiet place, you can hold an intention or question and can be open to hearing the answer and guidance from within, it is a truly moving and loving thing to feel. To develop and trust the feeling that your internal self brings to you, gives you an improved confidence to be able to trust the way to make your own decisions in your day to day activities, at work, in relationships etc, bringing you to a much stronger positive place. When you get that awareness you will start to recognise and know the difference between thoughts that you can trust and take action on and thoughts that are not driven from your higher self, but are your learned response to situations, which might not be suiting your best self.

Over the years I have worked on understanding my internal guidance system and am very clear now on the feeling that reassures me that everything will be ok, it is deeper than relief, it is a knowing. It is the feeling that has made me take some of the biggest risks, the feeling that has led me to some of the most important times and gems of understanding. I now truly understand it to be my guidance system, it steers my ship, it gives me a red light when needed and illuminates the green lights where I can move on easily and happily. This internal leadership makes me feel supported and strong, powerful and positive, it makes me feel real. This is yours too, you can tap into this, it is in your power.

Our emotions naturally give some indication if something feels good or bad, but I now recognise my intuitive feeling as something quite different than an emotion, it sits somewhere else within me and I trust it that much now that I have made major life decisions based on it, it helps me to get the timing of things right, it helps me to decide how I can help other people, it helps me listen at a deeper level to other people, it helps me to be the best self I can be and steers me to helping me be the best I can be for other people too.


For those that are aware of that feeling, my question is, are you listening, are you following, do you take the action that you are guided towards? Are you tapping into your expert within or are you allowing life and the others around you to carry you along? Are you using your internal higher knowledge to power your life, are you asking the questions within your meditation? Are you being your best self?

As we all sometimes need a little prompt and encouragement to stay on track, if you have gradually got out of the habit of hearing the internal whispers, feeling that gut feeling then guided meditation can help to bring that back into focus for you too and you can then start to trust the action that is required as a result of the message. Don’t lose touch, its your most useful skill in the here and now.

If you want to register I will send you to a free gentle and simple guided meditation that is about relaxation that you can use to make a start at slowing down, opening your thoughts and allowing yourself to start to listen, to become more aware of yourself and give your higher voice the chance to be heard.

Please relax away, enjoy and listen to the most amazing, beautiful voice that there is…yours.