Relationship Workshop

It examined and brought my attention to patterns and stories in my life that didn't serve me and enabled me to redefine a new standard.  How powerful is that?!

  • Simple shifts in focus have brought new people into my life and bettered my existing relationships

  • Since the seminar I have gone from holding a grudge to a never-thought-possible close and respectful relationship with my mum

  • Eve created such an amazing space to share and really be truthful

  • Eve's honesty about her past and current relationships made the experience different to other seminars, it was not preacher-y but had a 'we're in it together' and 'life is an ongoing journey of mindfulness' style/feel


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Changed my life!

I was in the depths of depression following work related stress.  I reached out to Eve for help following a recommendation from a friend.  She provided me with the most amazing support which included a range of therapies.  I loved the fresh air therapy which she is a big advocate of and the most powerful of all was creating my own life picture, it's the most hypnotic and wonderful thing to create and mine to keep forever.  The tasks that she recommend were really tailored to me and my circumstances.  They were enjoyable, gave me a different perspective on the challenges that I was facing and helped me get to a place where I could identify what was important to me in my life. 

Eve is such a wonderfully spirited individual who has given me my confidence and self belief back!  I feel that in the short space of time that I spent with her, she has helped me overcome the depression, find the joy in what I do and take back control of my life. 

If you are struggling with anything in your life I cannot recommend enough how much you will benefit from reaching out to Eve for help.


About Eve

Eve is someone you want to have in your life.  Her energy and passion is both infectious and inspiring

  • She says, she does

  • Her standards surpass the norm



  • The sessions were neatly tailored to me

  • I loved my tailored hypnobirthing recording so much that I still listen to it now (I seriously do!)


Thank you

I really enjoyed Saturday's workshop and meeting and working with you. It has given me lots of food for thought and particularly watching my thoughts! Looking forward to some of your other workshops.


Inspirational Speaker

Eve is a very inspirational speaker and is very enthusiastic about her subject.  She engages her audience and it is obvious that she really believes in what she is delivering.  You are left wanting to know more, and you are not disappointed.


Living Proof that it works!

'I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for such an inspirational talk which was presented in such a fun and open manner - we got such a buzz from it and to see someone who is obviously the genuine living proof that it all works is motivation in itself.  It was very informative and in the short time you had, it was amazing how it all made sense.'


Positivity that's infectious

Eve has an energy and vibrancy that infuses her talks and workshops with a positivity that's infectious.  You come away inspired with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for whatever changes you want to make in your life, but more importantly, the tools to make those changes.


Thank you

'I/we enjoyed your talk, and look forward to hearing you speak again'


Enjoyed the workshop

I today attended your workshop "fate or create" at Middlesbrough Town Hall. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and wouldn't hesitate attending another one.


Insightful Session

'We found your session/exercises very insightful'

Julie & Mark