"61 per cent of employees have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor." (2018 National Mental Health at Work Report) This staggering figure is reflective of the modern workplace and the subsequent required focus that is now expected from employers in relation to providing support and awareness around staff health and well-being. 


How does your workplace environment and business culture impact your staff? Are your teams happy? Could you enhance the support you offer your people to improve well-being in the workplace? Were you satisfied with your staff survey results this year? Could the atmosphere and delivery of your business be improved?

​Alongside the growing agenda to provide workplace awareness of mental health issues and their prevention, there are a variety of other reasons why the culture of an organisation requires review and change, including the understanding that performance and organisational achievement are linked to staff health and well-being. 


Creating a culture that promotes team and individual responsibility for positivity and welfare also promotes increased productivity and performance. If it is time for you to review your culture and enhance your staff support, we have the approach to suit you.


The Professional Friend programme includes a training package and online toolkit and can be rolled out as is or can be configured to your organisation. As part of your programme decision making, we can demonstrate the employee support programme that we can offer.


The training element encourages a train the trainer style approach to up-skill a team of 'Workplace Professional Friends' who will be recognised within your organisation as being accessible, approachable and supportive with enhanced listening and communication skills. They will have the capability to provide some techniques to help to reduce stress and anxiety and be available to discuss sensitive issues and signpost for further help where necessary.


The Professional Friend online toolkit provides a range of activities and tools that can be rolled out to all staff to support self-awareness, stress reduction and techniques that encourage personal development and can prevent mental ill health. The toolkit provides 24/7 access for staff, so you can offer your people support at both work and home.


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We have a number of approaches that will help your organisation to improve the support to your staff, ranging from full bespoke consultancy where we will help you to design every detail of your change through to the implementation of an already established programme called 'Professional Friend'.

The methodology for all offers is based around three key stages; design, programme and implementation. We provide facilitation and motivate your leaders, teams and individuals to feel empowered to contribute to the programme of change. We make the design a reality by planning the key detailed steps to move the organisation to its future state and then we provide the right level of training, support and coaching to implement the change.

Team work


This stage of the process brings together the ideas, desires and goals of the workforce.  The facilitation is tailored to the needs of the teams with a key focus on empowering all to contribute and begin to own the direction of the organisation. We work with your teams to find an understanding of what a good healthy workplace looks like.


With a clear vision for the change ahead, this element of the approach considers and plans all the key steps required to move from the current to the future state. With attention to detail, a comprehensive change plan will be compiled and tested to ensure timely, realistic and effective delivery of the outcomes.


On delivery of the programme, support, training and coaching will be provided to leaders, teams and individuals where needed.  The intervention will be bespoke to your needs to enable the change to be fully endorsed and for staff performance and well-being to be at the heart of the change.